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History of VVCS

The VVCS Legacy

The Vietnam War was a difficult chapter in Australia's history. For those who served, the experience forged strong bonds and a commitment to look out for each other. This deep sense of mateship, led Vietnam veterans to lobby for a specialised counselling and support service for veterans and their families.

In 1982 the Australian Government established the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service which opened its first office in Adelaide. Another eight offices were opened across Australia in the next 18 months. Today VVCS has counselling centres all across Australia, as well as a network of outreach counsellors.

Since establishment, VVCS has expanded the range of services it offers. VVCS now assists those involved in all military conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Since 2000, in addition to providing a free service for eligible clients, VVCS has also maintained an agreement with the Department of Defence, to enable the Australian Defence Force to refer current serving members to VVCS services and programs on a fee for service basis.  Previous VVCS logo

In April 2007, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs renamed the service to the VVCS - Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service, to better reflect that the benefits of the service founded by Vietnam veterans that is now open to all Australian veterans and their families. The Minister also launched a new logo in 2007, reflecting the increased focus on families in the rehabilitation and recovery of Australia’s serving men and women.

VVCS is the legacy of Australia's Vietnam veterans. They have ensured that future generations of serving men and women will have access to specialised mental health and wellbeing support.

List of groups who are eligible for VVCS services.