National Advisory Committee

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NAC Membership
NAC Meetings and Minutes

To provide quality, independent, consultation based advice to the Minister on the effectiveness of the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service.

Terms of Reference

The role of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) is to:

  1. Provide independent and distinctive advice to the Minister on the needs of the veteran community and the ways in which these can be delivered by VVCS.
  2. Support the VVCS to develop programs and services that are:
    • responsive to the mental health needs of Australian veterans and their families
    • based on a health and wellness approach
    • co-ordinated with other mental health agencies
    • consistent with the government’s mental health policy, enabling VVCS to be a key component of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs delivery of community based mental health care.
  3. Provide guidance to VVCS on:
    • issues and needs within the veteran and defence communities that impact on the delivery of VVCS programs;
    • strategic service delivery partnerships that will enable VVCS to link with other providers in an integrated approach to mental health care.
  4. Assess and report to the Minister on the operations and quality of outcomes delivered to the veteran community through VVCS programs.

Appointment to the NAC is for three years. Ministerial appointments to the committee are made on the basis that while committee members may be members of interested organisations they do not serve on the committee as representatives of those organisations.

The NAC meets three times a year. Dates are set in advance. Secretariat support is provided by VVCS Central Operations, Canberra. The committee secretary is the National Executive Officer, VVCS.

Contacting the NAC

Please contact the NAC with your feedback, ideas and suggestions which may be incorporated into the direction and development of VVCS.

You can contact the NAC by:




VVCS NAC Secretariat
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
GPO Box 9998 Canberra ACT 2601