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Regional Consultative Forums

Regional Consultative Forums (RCF) operate in all VVCS regions. The RCF are cooperative forums to discuss issues and identify opportunities to better meet the current and future needs of veterans and their families.

The RCF report and make recommendations to the National Advisory Committee (NAC), regarding the development and maintenance of a shared strategic direction for VVCS for both the region and nationally. Ideas and information generated by RCF are provided to VVCS and the NAC, and contribute to planning and improvement of service provision.


Each RCF comprises government and non-government stakeholders. Membership reflects the range of services offered to the veteran community within the region, including mental health service and hospitals, general medical practitioners, psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists, ex-service organisations, and other government agencies such as the Australian Defence Force, Defence Community Organisation and Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved in your region’s RCF, contact the Director of your local VVCS office by phoning 1800 011 046 during business hours.