Social Media

Through the official VVCS Facebook page and this website, VVCS provides an additional pathway to enable the veteran and ex-service community to learn more about VVCS counselling, group programs and other services, increase mental health literacy, assist members of the community with self management and provide contact information and referral pathways for those in need.

The VVCS Facebook page is monitored and the VVCS Facebook Acceptable Use Policy is applied to posts. If a post breaches that Policy or the VVCS Social Media Policy it may be removed from the wall. Should this occur, you will be advised and provided the reasons for the removal of the post.

Please note, VVCS will never ask you for personal information through social media. If VVCS needs personal information to answer your question or help you, we will ask you to use a more private channel, such as calling us, direct email or visiting your nearest VVCS Centre.

VVCS will seek to respond to any questions with a reasonable timeframe. Where a question is posted late in the day, or where a question is more complex, there may be a delay in responsiveness.

The VVCS Facebook page is not designed for online counselling. If at any time during your social media experience with VVCS you wish to speak to a counsellor please call 1800 011 046. If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger, please call emergency services on 000.

Further guidance on use of VVCS social media can be found in the VVCS Facebook Acceptable Use Policy (on the Facebook Page) and in the VVCS Social Media Policy (Word 217KB).