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Border Patrol

Operation RESOLUTE is the ADF’s current contribution to the joint border protection operation, Operation Sovereign Borders. At any given time up to 800 personnel drawn from the three services, may be working on this Operation, alongside personnel from Customs and other agencies.

Those involved in this, and past, border patrol operations undertake a range of activities to protect Australia's maritime domain from security threats, including irregular maritime arrivals, maritime terrorism; piracy, robbery and violence at sea; compromise to bio-security; illegal activity in protected areas; illegal exploitation of natural resources (eg. illegal fishing); marine pollution; and prohibited imports and exports.

Free and confidential VVCS services are available to current and former ADF members who have served in border protection operations.

If you are experiencing a mental health concern, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD, are struggling with anger control, unable to sleep, or are in need of support in your relationship with your partner or family, engaging with VVCS counselling or group programs can make a positive difference.