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Australia has been involved in United Nations and other multi-nations peacekeeping and peacemaking operations since 1947. These activities have included observation and monitoring of ceasefire agreements, maintenance of peace and order with the consent of both parties and sanction enforcement.

Australia has committed ADF personnel to many peacekeeping endeavours. Certain members of the various Federal and State Police forces have also served on some missions. Australian’s largest peacekeeping operations were in East Timor, the Solomon Islands and Somalia. Peacekeepers have also served in a range of other countries, including Bougainville, Cambodia, the Sinai, Rwanda, South Sudan and Sudan. 


Free and confidential VVCS services are available to current and former ADF members who have served in peacekeeping operations; and United Nations and Australian Federal Police approved peacekeepers.

Common concerns

The mental health concerns that peacekeepers commonly experience include:

  • Difficulty adjusting to normal tempo after deployment
  • Difficulties with relationships, including social exclusion
  • Problems with anger control
  • Substance and alcohol misuse
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Diagnosed PTSD.

These are all areas where engaging with VVCS counselling or group programs can make a positive difference.