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Vietnam Veterans

After returning from Vietnam a number of veterans experienced higher than normal stress in their daily lives, which was associated with their combat experience. In response to findings of the Vietnam Veterans Health Study (1998), VVCS counsellors are available to assist and support not only Vietnam veterans and their dependant family members, but also the adult sons and daughters of Vietnam veterans as they find effective solutions for improved mental health and wellbeing. If needed, VVCS can also provide referral for a psychiatric assessment.


Free and confidential VVCS services are available to:

  • Australian Vietnam veterans
  • Partners of Vietnam veterans, with concerns arising from the veteran’s service
  • Ex-partners of Vietnam veterans, within five years of separation, with concerns arising from the veteran’s service
  • Sons and daughters of Vietnam veterans, regardless of age, with concerns relating to their parent’s operational or warlike service
  • War widows and widowers

Common concerns

The mental health concerns that Vietnam veterans and their family members commonly experience, include:

  • Diagnosed PTSD.
  • Difficulties with relationships, including social exclusion
  • Problems with anger control
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Substance and alcohol misuse

These are all areas where engaging with VVCS counselling or group programs can make a positive difference.