VVCS Brochures

A number of useful resources are available to everyone, including brochures, newsletters, articles, conference papers and websites


VVCS has a range of brochures available to provide further information on VVCS and services provided.

VVCS Overview (PDF 2.3MB) (Word 555KB)

Clients' rights and responsibilities (PDF 564KB) (Word 564KB)

Veterans (PDF 516KB) (Word 547KB)

Families (PDF 502KB) (Word 546KB)

Sons & daughters (PDF 502KB) (Word 547KB)

Complex needs client services (PDF 2.5MB) (Word 125KB)

Stepping Out program (PDF 899KB) (Word 125KB)

Operation Life (PDF 1MB) (Word 134KB)

National Advisory Committee (PDF 520KB) (Word 547KB)