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Beating the Blues

Depression is one of the most common mental health concerns, with around 1 in 5 Australians experiencing it at least once in their lifetime. 

Everyone has feelings of sadness or low mood occasionally, particularly during times of stress or loss. But if the low mood persists and is accompanied by other symptoms such as loss of interest in activities, loss of energy, changes in appetite or sleep, feelings of guilt, worthlessness or hopelessness and poor concentration, the depression is interfering with health and wellbeing and needs to be taken more seriously.

VVCS can assist you to manage depression more effectively through both the Beating the Blues Group Program and counselling.

Beating the Blues is an educational and skills based group program assisting participants to understand the situations and thinking patterns that can contribute to depression and to develop strategies to manage depression symptoms more effectively.

Through this program participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the signs and symptoms, situations and thinking patterns that can contribute to depression
  • Understand the impact of thinking patterns of depression and learn strategies to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours.
  • Develop strategies and learn techniques to monitor and constructively manage stress and depressed moods.

The full program is a 2 hour session once a week for 10 weeks.

Shorter workshops are also available in some areas.

Phone VVCS on 1800 011 046 in business hours to find out what is available in your area.

See the VVCS group programs calendar for program dates in your area.

Visit the AT EASE website for more information about understanding and managing depression.