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Building Better Relationships

Military life can place many strains on relationships. Deployment and exercises can take veterans away from loved ones for extended periods of time. The experience of combat conditions during deployment can contribute to long-term mental health consequences after return. It can place great strains on relationships when a partner left behind to carry on, often with young children and few supports. 

Sometimes partners learn to manage very well in the absence of the ADF member and the returning members feel un-needed or excluded. The nature of military training encourages a decisive, assertive style of thinking and communication that isn’t always well suited to civilian and domestic situations.

If you are concerned that your relationship is not going well, VVCS can assist you to address problems and revitalise your relationship through both Building Better Relations group programs and counselling.

Visit the AT EASE website for more information about relationships.

See the VVCS group programs calendar for program dates in your area.