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Lifestyle Management Program (residential)

The Residential Lifestyle Program is designed for veterans and their partners who want to improve their wellbeing and enhance their relationship. It provides an opportunity to take time out from the daily routine and focus on a range of lifestyle subjects, such as stress management, communication skills and relationship building.

The program is located in a relaxing venue and enables veterans and their partners to take stock of what is working well in their lives and identify areas that may need some changes. It also provides information and introduces, or reinforces, skills to more effectively manage issues.  

Topics covered include: communication; relaxation and stress management; adjustment to civilian life; relationship skills; building resilience; impact of military service on families; diet; motivation, problem solving and goal setting.

The full program is generally held over five days. There is also a modified program held over two weekends.

See the VVCS group programs calendar for program dates in your area.