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Other Programs and Workshops

Depending on local need VVCS may also run workshops on the following subjects. 
To find out more contact your local centre on 1800 011 046.

Pain - to recognise and understand the chronic pain cycle; to understand how pain is perceived and the link between physical pain and mental health conditions; to learn effective pain management strategies that may reduce the experience and impact of pain.

Communication & Conflict Resolution - to recognise and understand triggers of conflict and the impact they can have on communication in interpersonal relationships; to learn techniques to address common communication issues and enhance personal relationships.

Loss and Grief - to recognise and understand the symptoms of loss and grief and normalise the process of grief; to explore positive ways to adjust and rebuild after experiencing grief; to learn strategies and skills to manage the process and improve relationships and emotional well being.

Resilience - to understand the potential psychological impacts of emotionally challenging situations; to identify how personal stressors may undermine well-being; to develop skills and techniques to strengthen self awareness, bounce back from emotional challenges and enhance functioning.

Family Inclusion (Partners & Parenting) - to understand how the military or deployment experience may impact on veteran partners and/or parents and to increase understanding of available support and assistance.  Programs in this subject area will draw on content from other VVCS group program and be tailored to the needs of veteran families.