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Family Counselling

To better meet the needs of veterans and their families VVCS Centres offers two specific services, Family consultation and ‘Let’s talk about children’ to assist clients enhance their family relationships.

These services give you the opportunity to include family members in your VVCS counselling. Including family members, such as your partner, can improve your counselling outcomes and help you to address a range of family and parenting concerns both positively and proactively.

Family Consultation

One to three sessions, each between 60-90 minutes, where you, your partner or other family members and your VVCS counsellor work together to identify your family’s goals, strengths and areas of difficulty and develop strategies for more positive family relationships.

'Let's Talk About Children'

One to two structured sessions, each between 60-90 minutes, with your VVCS counsellor that help you and your partner talk about your children’s well-being and general parenting issues, as well as those relating to military life.

All eligible VVCS clients can access these services in VVCS centres.

For more information talk to your local VVCS centre or VVCS counsellor.

Parental consent for children

A parental consent form (PDF 142 KB) must be completed for children aged 15 years and under before counselling services through VVCS can commence.

If you have already completed the intake process with your local centre, and have been advised to complete the Parental Consent form, please complete and return the form to your local centre within 5 working days. For further instructions or to obtain a return email or postal address, please contact your local centre during business hours on 1800 011 046.