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Crisis Assistance Program

'Time out' accommodation for Vietnam veterans in crisis

The Crisis Assistance Program aims to provide short-term accommodation for up to five days to Vietnam veterans. This allows time for the veteran to seek VVCS assistance to help address issues that contributed to the crisis, and to reintegrate into the family and/or community.

VVCS is the sole authorising agent for this service.

Vietnam veterans seeking assistance through this service must be assessed for eligibility by VVCS or Veterans Line.

Eligibility requirements for ‘Time-out’ accommodation

The veteran in crisis must:

  • be a Vietnam veteran
  • be assessed by VVCS/Veterans Line as being in Crisis Category Group 3 (i.e. can self manage but needs alternative accommodation away from the family home until the issues leading to the crisis are addressed in some way)
  • agree to follow-up with VVCS, and
  • provide the name of a contact person.

This short-term crisis accommodation does not provide the level of support necessary to safely manage people significantly affected by alcohol or drugs.

How to access the Crisis Assistance Program

If you are experiencing a crisis situation and need help, phone VVCS in business hours or Veterans Line after hours 1800 011 046.

A counsellor will ask you questions as part of the assessment process. It is important that the counsellor knows that you are able to self-manage in the ‘time-out’ accommodation, as this type of accommodation is not suitable for people who are at risk of self-harm, at risk of harming others or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are assessed as eligible for the 'time-out' accommodation you will be booked into accommodation as near as possible to where you are. When you arrive at the hotel/motel you will need to book in the same as any commercial client. Accommodation staff will ask for proof of identity and for you to sign the register. Your privacy is protected as the hotel/motel staff will not know that you are being accommodated because of a crisis situation. They are only aware that Veterans Line is paying for your accommodation and meals. Meals are provided but in some areas this may not be possible.