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Group Programs

Group programs provide a safe and supportive environment in which to learn about issues impacting on mental health and wellbeing, obtain treatment and support for mental health concerns, connect with others with similar experiences and/or develop self-management skills to enhance wellbeing.

Group programs are an important part of VVCS evidence-based treatment services. Whether they are veterans, partners or other eligible family members, group program participants often report that being in a group helps them understand that others may share their experiences. Others feel more comfortable learning in a group than in counselling.

An important benefit of group program treatment is the chance to learn about and address mental health concerns in a supportive environment. All VVCS group programs are conducted by facilitators experienced in working with veterans and their families.

The length of VVCS group programs varies from 2-day workshops to sessional programs, run over a number of weeks.

All group programs are provided free to eligible participants.

VVCS Group Programs

Group program calendar* is available.

Registrations and enquiries


*While every effort is made to ensure advertised groups are run, availability of any particular group program in your region depends on participant enrolments.