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Outreach Counsellors

Counsellors in the VVCS Outreach Program provide services to enable VVCS clients to access a clinician skilled in veteran and military mental health regardless of where in Australia they are located.

Outreach provider notes

Before applying to become a provider, it is essential that clinicians read the VVCS OPC Provider Notes (PDF 279KB) (DOC 199KB). A summary of the Provider Notes is also available (PDF 1.1MB) (DOC 73KB). These notes contain detailed information on the provision of VVCS Outreach Program counselling services. Prospective providers must agree to the conditions set out in the Provider Notes prior to providing VVCS outreach counselling services.

How do I become a VVCS outreach counsellor?

If you agree to accept the conditions set to in the VVCS OPC Provider Notes, please download and complete the OPC Statutory Registration form (PDF 146KB) and return a signed copy to VVCS.

Please be aware that registration does not guarantee that you will receive client referrals from VVCS.  Once your registration is accepted, you will be contacted by your local VVCS Centre in relation to providing services to VVCS clients, only if there is a need for services in your area. 

VVCS takes care to ensure providers are matched to clients depending on the needs of the client, location, and expertise of the provider.

Schedule of fees

Payment for services is based on the current VVCS OPC Fee Schedule (DOC 49KB). This Fee Schedule is indexed in accordance with the indexation rate applied to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) of fees. In the 2015-16 Budget the Government announced the continuation of a pause in indexation for dental and allied health, which includes psychologists and mental health accredited social workers until 30 June 2018.