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VVCS Practitioner’s Guide

The VVCS Practitioner’s Guide is an online training program for VVCS centre counsellors, outreach counsellors and other VVCS contracted providers. The program complements the Understanding the Military Experience online training and has been designed to introduce VVCS practitioners to the military experience and potential traumatic exposure/s of current and former veterans and their families. 

The VVCS Practitioner’s Guide highlights common mental health impacts that may result from a client’s exposure to military service and provides an overview of VVCS clinical treatment expectations. It also alerts the practitioner to modern military psychological training enabling integration into treatment regimes if clinically indicated.   

VVCS strongly encourages all VVCS providers to undertake this course as part of their commitment to maintaining a specialist knowledge and understanding of veteran and military culture. 

Accessing The VVCS Practitioner elearning course

The VVCS Practitioner’s Guide is accessed though the Department of Veterans’ Affairs online learning management system - DVAtrain. 

Mental Health professionals who already have access to DVAtrain do not need to register again. Instead please go to DVAtrain.

New users can access The VVCS Practitioner's Guide, by accessing the DVAtrain registration page and following the prompts. When you are finished registering you will receive an email with a link to DVAtrain, alternatively you can access DVAtrain here.


The desktop version of the program has features built in that provide access for those with visual, auditory or physical impairments.

Technological Requirements

Whilst The VVCS Practitioner’s Guide will function on most technological platforms performance will be optimised on a PC with soundcard, Flash V9+ and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels running Internet Explorer V8+ or the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox. The course will also run on an Apple Mac computer or laptop running Mac OS X and Safari 6.1.4 or later.

View browser compatibility for this program (PDF 30KB) (Word 8KB).

Tablet devices

This course has been designed to run on a desktop computer or laptop device, however it can be viewed via an iPad but users may experience some issues with audio and interactive elements. 

For the best learning experience it is recommended that users operate the course from a desktop computer or a laptop.