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Provider Resources

ADF Orientation Guide

This guide provides an overview of the Australian military experience, and VVCS and Defence arrangements and resources in relation to providing services to veterans and current serving ADF members.

ADF Orientation Guide (Word 6.8MB)

Mental Health Advice Book

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) has developed an advice book to assist health practitioners to deliver the most effective mental health treatments for veterans. It draws upon the latest Australian and international best practice guidelines for the treatment of common mental health problems. The book aims to update practitioners who regularly treat veterans, as well as inform those who may be less familiar with veterans’ mental health issues.

Smartphone App - DVA PTSD Coach Australia 

The PTSD Coach Australia app was developed in order to help serving and ex-serving military personnel target symptoms in real time, then with the assistance of a health professional, use specific interventions to manage these symptoms. The app is based on evidence-based treatment as recommended in the 2007 Australian Guidelines for the Treatment of Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, which were updated in 2013.

The use of new technology in mental health treatment offers the opportunity to enhance outcomes, reduce barriers and allow for easier access to support. Dr Liam Connor, a clinical psychologist with VVCS, recommends the PTSD Coach Australia mobile application for patients with trauma-related issues.

In a YouTube video, Dr Liam Connor, discusses the PTSD Coach Australia mobile application (app), highlighting areas of importance and utility from a clinician’s perspective.

At Ease Professional

VVCS providers are also encouraged to visit the At Ease Professional website for additional resources and online training opportunities in relation to the treatment of veteran mental health conditions.