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VVCS contracts providers for a range of professional services including:

Outreach Counsellors

Outreach counsellors are psychologists and mental health accredited social workers in private practice, with an understanding of the veteran experience.Through its network of outreach counsellors VVCS provides face to face counselling to veterans and their families when travel to a VVCS centre is impractical.

Interested in becoming a VVCS outreach counsellor?

Registered VVCS Outreach Counsellors link to VVCS through the secure VVCS Electronic Records Application (VERA).

Group Program Facilitators

Group program facilitators are allied health professionals, mostly psychologists and mental health accredited social workers, with an understanding of the veteran experience and expertise in running treatment and psycho educational groups.VVCS works closely with group program facilitators to ensure that group programs are delivered to a consistent and high standard, and to link participants appropriately to other VVCS services.

Clinical Supervisors

Clinical supervisors are senior and highly experienced psychologists and mental health accredited social workers.They provide VVCS clinicians with professional guidance and clinical mentoring.

Provider Training

The VVCS Practitioner’s Guide is an online training program for VVCS centre counsellors, outreach counsellors and other VVCS contracted providers.View the VVCS Practitioner's Guide here.

Providers are also encouraged to visit the Provider Resources page to access further supporting documentation.

Additional training that addresses treatment of veteran mental health conditions can be found at the At Ease Professional website.

Social Media Policy

VVCS social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and this website provide the veteran and ex-service community with more ways to learn about:

  • VVCS counselling
  • group programs
  • increase mental health literacy
  • assist members of the community with self-management, and
  • provide contact information and referral pathways.

If you are active on social media in a professional capacity, you should become familiar with the VVCS Social Media Policy (PDF 308KB) (DOCX 71KB) to ensure you comply with the specified conditions.