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After-Hours Crisis Counselling
1800 011 046

The Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service (VVCS) is a 24/7 service that provides crisis counselling outside of business hours.

The after-hours counselling line provides supportive, confidential counselling to members of the veteran and ex-service community who need support or are in crisis. The counsellors can assist clients who are feeling angry, upset, anxious, depressed and having thoughts of self-harm. Counsellors can also assist clients on relationship issues with friends and family members, dealing with feelings of loss and grief, and can support those who are struggling with stressful situations.

If needed, VVCS after-hours counsellors can arrange for your local VVCS centre to contact you the next business day to arrange further counselling or support. The counsellors can also provide referrals to health professionals and community services throughout Australia.

Privacy and confidentiality

VVCS acknowledges the right of clients to privacy. Many callers choose to remain anonymous and the service respects that choice. If callers choose to give their details to the after-hours counsellors, these may be shared with the local VVCS centre in order to provide the client with an integrated, effective service.

Information is not shared with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs without a client’s permission.  There are some situations (for example where a life may be at risk) where it may be legally necessary for VVCS to disclose information to other agencies. You can learn more about VVCS privacy and confidentiality.

How do I access VVCS after-hours crisis counselling?

Simply phone the toll free national number 1800 011 046*

*calls from pay phones and some mobile phones may incur charges.